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As public insurance adjusters specializing in meth contamination claims, we offer several important services to commercial and residential policyholders filing meth damage claims including:

  • An in-depth insurance policy review – We review your entire policy including first party property coverage and liability coverage to ensure a full understanding of the type and scope of your insurance coverage. In most cases, meth claims are handled under the property coverage; however, if the property has been condemned as uninhabitable and you have been ordered to clean it up, you may be able to file a claim under the liability coverage.
  • Meth contamination assessments – We conduct comprehensive assessments of your property, testing it for meth residue and other signs of meth contamination.
  • Complete documentation – Meth contamination public adjusters take the burden of proving your insurance losses off of your shoulders. In order to prove those losses, we must document our findings. From meth testing to photos and video, we provide your insurance company with the documentation it needs in order to process and pay your claim.
  • Loss estimates – Using state-of-the-art loss estimating software, we prepare a complete inventory of your losses and include accurate estimates.
  • Insurance claim paperwork – We handle all correspondence, claims forms, and communications with your insurance company. In some cases, it may be necessary to meet with your insurance company's adjuster at your site to personally point out the damage.
  • Insurance negotiations – We prepare a complete meth contamination report detailing our findings and will negotiate your final settlement on your behalf.
  • Meth contamination insurance claim denials – Claim denials are not unusual with meth contamination. Denial letters do not deter us from pursuing your rightful compensation.

Meth contamination public adjusters have the strategies, expertise, and skills needed to turn low-ball settlement offers and outright denials around. Contact us today to get started.