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About Us

Meth contamination public adjusters are licensed insurance adjusters who work directly for policyholders. We are committed to helping you obtain full compensation for your losses from your insurance company. Meth contamination insurance claims are notoriously difficult to settle with outright insurance denials common. Don't take "denied" for a final answer – get us involved.

Meth contamination public adjusters have been successful in helping policyholders prove their losses despite initial denials. Because all insurance policies have their own terms, conditions, exclusions, and provisions, even simply insurance claims can be hard on policyholders. Due to the complexities of meth contamination claims, this is one instance where a meth contamination public adjuster is a must.

Public adjusters are licensed by the state's insurance department and must adhere to governmental regulations. They work for you, the insured, instead of working for insurance companies. As your representative, we aggressively fight for your rights. We have the same skills, industry knowledge, and training as your typical insurance company adjuster, but we but our expertise to work for you. In fact, many meth contamination public adjusters are former company adjusters. The primary difference between your public adjuster and your insurance company's claim adjuster is who the adjuster works for. We work for you.

Having worked in many communities ravaged by the meth epidemic, we have seen the tragic results firsthand. While blown-up meth labs are dramatic examples, other contaminated properties look perfectly fine to the untrained eye. Meanwhile, nasty chemicals and hazardous residue left behind could be silently affecting the building's occupants. The more we learned about meth contamination, the more motivated we became to play a proactive role in helping innocent policyholders restore their homes.

Because you can't necessarily recognize a meth-damaged home just by looking at it, meth contamination public adjusters use powerful meth testing systems such as meth residue scanners to detect microscopic levels of meth. From there, we document our findings and aggressively pursue compensation for your losses from your insurance company. We are extremely thorough and work diligently to prove your losses.

If your home or commercial property has been contaminated by meth, contact us today.