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Meth Contamination Cleanup

As part of your meth contamination insurance claim, public adjusters will assess the damage and estimate the cost to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. As you look at the estimates, you may be shocked at the high cost of meth contamination cleanup. Depending on the extent of the damage, these costs can run tens of thousands of dollars.

Eye-popping meth contamination cleanup costs reinforce the need for an insurance settlement, and your public adjuster will work diligently to obtain that for you. In the meantime, you may wonder what's involved and why it costs so much.

Meth contamination cleanup is an intensive operation with varying state and EPA cleanup guidelines. In addition the hazardous chemicals used in meth, cleanup crews may encounter lead, asbestos, and mercury which also have their own cleanup guidelines that must be followed. Depending on which state you live in, the work may have to be performed by or supervised by a certified industrial hygienist. In addition, you will need to have pre-tests done, and you may need to notify local agencies and the health department with a detailed assessment and cleanup plan.

The work itself is tedious. It requires extensive personal protection equipment and containment barriers to protect workers and prevent cross contamination. Contents must be removed and cleaned or disposed of. If you plan on storing your contents during the meth remediation process, you'll need to clean and decontaminate them before putting them in storage (or else they will contaminate the storage unit and its contents). If you are disposing of items, you should take measures to ensure that passersby do not help themselves to the dumpster's contents. This could mean securing the dumpster behind a security fence or physically destroying items such as with a sledgehammer.

Surfaces and building materials must be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, encapsulated, or replaced. Cleaning agents, encapsulation agents, new paint, new floor coverings, and structural repairs can quickly add up, even for relatively small contaminated areas. In some cases, the structure may need to be completely gutted. If you have a septic system, it may need to be tested and pumped. You may also need special permission from your solid waste disposal company to dispose of meth contaminated items. After the decontamination work is complete, post-testing is necessary to ensure that there's no more meth residue.     

Hiring qualified professionals, testing for meth, adhering to all applicable guidelines and permitting processes, paying for equipment and supplies, and paying for the meth decontamination process all take money. If you have a meth claim, give yourself the best chance possible to recover your losses by using a public adjuster that specializes in meth contamination claims. Contact us today.