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Meth Contamination Insurance Claims

Settling meth contamination insurance claims requires a unique approach due to the complexities of insurance policies. For example:

  • Most policies exclude damage that results from criminal activity – and cooking or smoking meth definitely falls into that category.
  • Some insurance companies deny meth contamination claims under their so-called "pollutant" clauses, claiming they don't cover damage from pollution.
  • Unless your house was used by sloppy meth cooks or an explosion occurred, the meth residue could be invisible to the naked eye. Previous owners could have cleaned up a meth mess by repainting or replacing carpets. In cases like this, the insurance adjuster may not see any problems that need to be resolved because the building looks fine. Thus, you have no claim.

These are just three of many possible reasons a meth contamination claim may be denied. However, these same reasons can be successfully disputed. Criminal activity exclusions typically apply to the policyholder and sometimes to the policyholder's resident family members. So, if you're the policyholder and you give into the urge to cook up some meth, don't expect your insurance company to pay for damages resulting from your criminal activity. On the other hand, if a house sitter or intruder did so while you were on vacation, then your meth contamination public adjuster can easily dispute the denial based on criminal activity or pursue the claim as a vandalism claim.

Pollution-based denials can also be disputed. Just as smoke could be considered a pollutant, smoke damage is usually covered in relation to fire claims. What about a spotless house with no visible signs of meth damage? A simple meth test can prove the damage exists.

Meth contamination public adjusters use their knowledge of precedents, your policy's provisions, insurance customs, existing state guidelines, and other information to counter unfair insurance claim denials. You don't have to settle for no settlement. Contact a meth contamination public adjuster today.