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Smoke In Your Insulated Wall Cavities?

Is Your House a Meth House?

As meth contamination public adjusters, we've seen meth houses in all stages of distress including:

  • Exploded meth labs
  • Houses littered with hazardous chemicals and waste
  • Houses with damaged landscaping and/or plumbing systems due to illegal disposal
  • Condemned houses
  • Beautiful suburban homes

Could your dream home be a meth house? Not all illicit meth labs blow up, and some are never discovered by law enforcement officers. Some meth-damaged homes are cleaned up or remodeled before being put on the market, so they look great despite their history as meth labs.

And remember, meth labs are not the only problem. Meth users spewing hazardous meth smoke or spilling crystal meth can also contaminate a building.

Which homes are more likely to have meth contamination? While any home could provide shelter for a meth user, some are more likely than others including:

  • Homes that have been vacant for an extended period – Could attract drug users or squatters
  • Foreclosed homes – Could attract drug users or squatters
  • Rental units (especially those with high turnover) – It's impossible to know what tenants do inside
  • Vandalized homes – Vandals may also smoke meth while on the property
  • Homes frequented by drug users – Friends, teens, or house sitters could use meth without your knowledge
  • "Party" houses – This category includes vacation rental units and homes that host large parties


Your neighbors may know more about your house than you do. It's not a bad idea to learn your house's history and get it tested if you suspect meth contamination.