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Meth Contamination FAQs

My state has meth lab disclosure laws. When I bought my house, I was not told it was a meth lab but I later discovered evidence of meth. How can it have meth contamination if it was not a meth lab?

It may or may not have been a meth lab. If it was previously used as a meth lab, the prior owners may not have known it and therefore could not disclose this fact. Many meth labs do not explode and are never discovered or busted by law enforcement. In addition, a house can become contaminated by meth if users smoke meth inside it. The damage may be covered by your insurance. Meth contamination public adjusters can help you learn more about your options.

My insurance company denied the meth contamination claim because it doesn't cover "criminal activity." I'm not the one who smoked the meth; my houseguests did while I was out golfing. Is my insurance right to deny me?

While it depends on the terms spelled out in your policy, your insurance company may be unfairly denying your claim. If you were the one smoking meth, then they'd have a good point. However, if you were not involved in the criminal activity in any way, then that exclusion should not apply to you.

The city condemned my house as uninhabitable due to meth contamination and has ordered me to clean it up. I can't afford it and my insurance company already denied the claim. What can I do?

Get meth contamination public adjusters involved. There's a chance that this claim could be covered under your policy's liability section as you are now officially liable for a city-ordered cleanup. Contact a public adjuster to find out if this applies to your situation.